Welcome to my new home: County Sligo


map-sligoI’ve been here since nearly 2 years and I still haven’t wrote anything about this part of Ireland! What a shame! =D

Located in the North West of the country, County Sligo is known for its beaches, its coasts and its archaeological past dating back from Neolithic. It is definitely not the most famous region of Ireland but this county really deserves a visit for its beauty. Two years here and I haven’t even seen everything in the county! Here is a wee summary of what you can do in my new « home ».

1. Sligo’s beaches : Strandhill & Rosses Point

County Sligo is well known for its beautiful beaches. Here, surfers and walkers will enjoy the waves in the middle of the Ocean and surrounded by amazing scenery. Strandhill and Rosses Point are surrounding Sligo, making Sligo bay. These are the most accessible beaches from the city center but also two of the most beautiful beaches of the county. I like going there during the weekends, feeling sand on my feet and admiring these amazing landscapes.


2. Climb Knocknorea & Benbulben

Surrounding Sligo from each side, these two mountains are often referred as the two sisters. Benbulben, the biggest one, offers an amazing panorama on the area. Climber or simple walkers will enjoy its shape, so particular. On the other side, Knocknorea is more accessible and also offers amazing views on Sligo bay and Strandhill beach. On the top of the mountain, you’ll find Queen Maeve’s tumb, the former Queen of the area.


3. Hazelwood Forest

Outside town, Hazelwood forest is a small forest on the banks of the Lough Gill. It took me a bit of time to discover that place but I immediately fell in love with it. This small path of only 4 kilometers is perfect for a walk or to escape the town.


4. Sligo Town

Built on the banks of the river Garavogue, Sligo is a small city full of charm thanks to it’s colorful houses, its pubs and small shops. When sunny, enjoy a coffee on a terrasse or a walk alongside the Garavogue to admire the several small boats (on and under the water! Specialty of the city! =D )


5. Lough Gill

According to the story, Lough Gill were formed with the tears of one young Irish local after her father’s death. Full of mystery, this lough offers great landscapes just outside town. Under the sun, we could nearly think we’re at the beach! 😉


6. Carrowmore cemetary

Located a couple of kilometers outside town, in the middle of fields and a few farms, Carrowmore is one of Ireland’s biggest megalithic sites! Here, you will discover the legends and myths shared by the first inhabitants of Sligo as well as their funeral traditions. You can even visit a recreated cairn to discover how were organised those rituals.


7. Be part of a trad session in a pub

With the number of pubs in Sligo, you can’t miss a traditional session! I really advise you to go to Mc Garrigles’ one every Sundays at 5pm. Around a fire or a pint, come and listen to the Irish traditional musics and songs. A really special moment!

8. Have a walk in Doorly parc

Following the Garavogue and the Lough Gill, Doorly park is a small verdant space in the middle of the city. Ideal for a picnic, a run or a walk. Sport addicts will even be able to work out here!




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