Homesickness, when you’re here!


I’m sure it’s not the first time I tell you that the expat life is not easy every day. But this is also what I want to show here.

Today, I want to talk about a subject which is a bit less funny than usual: the homesickness, the traveler blues, the lack you feel or call it however you want. I want to talk about that feeling a bit confusing but inevitable. This feeling that can create doubt in your mind about the choices you’ve made, that feeling that can nearly change your mind and make you go home. And you know what, the most surprising thing with that feeling is that it comes from one day to the other and goes back as quickly and you can’t even understand what happened.

Today, I want to talk about that feeling that already overwhelmed me and that is overwhelming me since a couple of days.


Summer time is, for me, a symbol of loads of birthday parties, drinks with my friends and holidays with my family. But this year, and for the second year in a row, all that won’t be possible and I’ll spend summer on my own far away from everybody. And it’s on Skype or on the social media that I’ll witness all those moments that I love so much. And that’s the most difficult thing in being an expat, the loneliness which can overwhelm you suddenly, missing those people that you love so much.

You know, some days, being an expat becomes really difficult, there are some days where I can’t bear being far away from all those people I love anymore. Some days where I can think about one thing and only one: going “home” for a while and forget about that unusual life.


They are some days, such as today, where I’m so homesick I forget about the Irish warmth, some days where I miss my family and friends so much that I forget about all the nice people I’ve met here, some days where I simply want to hug my parents, enjoy an afternoon with my sister or have a coffee with my friends…

As passionate as you are, those days are unavoidable. But hopefully for me and for all the expats everywhere, this feeling never stays too long. The magic of what we’re living can, most of the time, make us forget about those lonely and difficult moments, the people we meet and the new things we experience can always wipe out those bad moments.

Everybody has his own things to forget about that feeling. And that’s a really personal thing, everybody has to find what can make him better, there’s no miracle anti sadness!

As far as I’m concerned, I know that, in those moments, there’s nothing better than a walk in the Irish countryside with my camera surrounded by those amazing landscapes, or a road-trip in an unknown place to forget about it. A Skype session or a drink in the pub are also good to me! 😉 Distance is only a number after all! And, in those moments, I like to think that the day I’ll get home (which is not for tomorrow), will be amazing!


Don’t hesitate to share our experiences or your advice if you’ve already experienced that. See you soon guys!



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