15 things to do in Malta – Part 1


I’m back from my little trip to Malta! Here are a first part of what I advise you to do while you’re there.

1 . Take the ferry to Valletta and get lost in its small streets

Valletta is the capital of the island and it’s a wonderful city thanks to its small streets and its traditional balconies. Visit St John’s Co-cathedral, Malta’s pride. While you’re walking, get lost in the Upper and Lower Barraca Gardens. To end your day, attend the gun shot at the Saluting Battery (also visible from the Upper Barraca Garden).

2. Discover Rabat and have some traditionnal pastries

Feel the typical maltese atmosphere in these sandy-colored streets. Have a drink on the central place and have two or three maltese pastries (there’s a seller right on the place). Then, visit one of the city’s catacombs (if you’re not supersticious and if you’re not afraid of small places) and have a snack in the Howards Gardens right in front of Mdina’s battlements.


3. Wander in the silent streets of Mdina, « the Silent City »

Here, cars are forbidden. Due to that, the city seems to be frozen in time. Take time to discover its numerous small streets and their wonderful frontages. If you like off the beaten tracks discoveries, go to Mdina Dungeon, a museum about torture at the entrance of the city, really realistics scenes. If you’re more conventional and if you more into culture, the Palazzo Falzon will show you the typical house of a Maltese aristocrat.


4. Have a walk on the Dingli cliffs

Easily accessible from Rabat (20mn by bus), walk along these cliffs which offers an amazing view on the Mediterranean See. Don’t be afraid to walk a couple of kilometers to have the best point of view on the cliffs (they’re not always visible from the road). If you can, go there at sunset to admire the show, wonderful according to the inhabitants.


5. Eat on Marsaxlokk’s harbour

Marsaxlokk’s harbour (I still can’t pronounce this name) is a wee gem thanks to the hundreds of typical and colorful boats. Every Sundays, there is a fish market and a small craft market (this one takes place every day during summer times). Stop a moment in this magical place and taste one the freshly caught fish.


6. Swim in St Peter’s Pool

About 30mn after Marsaxlokk, this cove lost in the middle of the cliffs is just amazing! Water is so blue, marine caves and “rocky” beach, you’ll love it! However, I really advise you to go there early in the day because the place is quickly crowded during the afternoon.

Easily accessible from Marsaxlokk’s harbor, but have some water with you! The place is quite remote.


7. Visit one temple, there are plenty

Malta is a really rich island from an historical and archeological point of view. Several temples have been discovered on Malta and Gozo, most of them have been built before the Egyptian pyramids. Tarxien, Hal Saflieni, Hagar Qim or Ggantija temples are only a beginning. Even if you’re not a fan of archeology, I really advise you to visit one of them to understand better the story of the island. I personnally chose to visit Tarxien’s Temples.

Be careful, some of them can be expansive and Hal Saflieni is only opened by arrangement.


See you for the last part of it in my next article! 😉



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