Why did I leave?

A lot of people asked me and keep asking me why I’ve decided to live abroad. Some of them admire me, others think I’m crazy and some others simply don’t understand my choice. It’s true that such a decision affects a lot of people  and can be difficult to accept, I’m thinking about my parents and family especially, who, even if they’re used to, still have some difficulties to see me leaving. I will never thank them enough, by the way, for their support despite the grief involved by these trips.  So, I’ve decided to write a little paper and hopefully you’ll understand me better.

A ticket to freedom

At a time where half of my friends already has their family and the other half is still partying, I’ve decided to pack my stuff. Again. I’ve decided to leave far away from my daily routine to discover a new life, to discover MYSELF above all. I’ve left my country, my family and my friends. Once again.

Of course, it’s not going to be easy everyday especially for me who hate saying goodbye and who become attached to people so fast, I’m aware of that. I know I’m gonna miss France when it’ll be 10 degrees in May, when Guinness will have repulsed me, when Skype won’t be sufficient, for Christmas or for the birthdays. I know I’ll have some nights where I would pay a lot to go home for a few hours. I know all of that.

So, why did I leave ?

How can one imagine leaving on his own hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away from his family? Discover the world. Get out of your confort zone. Test yourself. (Re)discover yourself. Learn. Grow up. Here are the most important reasons ! Travel make us grow up as we use to say, and there’s nothing truer than that !

Run away ?

Maybe yes. Run away from the routine, run away from the preconceived life I’ve here, run away from the French system so complicated for newly graduated people. But also from some souvenirs which have become too hard to deal with. Run away… To discover myself, to discover the world, to find my place… To feel alive, to feel free. I’ve arrived at a time in my life where everything is frightening, but where everything is also possible. The end of my student life, the beginning of my worker life, the pressure to find a job which marches your qualifications, a future which suddenly becomes serious. So I’ve decided to distance myself from all that and to take time to discover other possibilities. And, this way, I’m sure about that, I’m giving myself the best future I can have!

Preparing a tea time in Ireland

You will certainly ask when I’ll come back. I have absolutely no idea yet, who can know that kind of thing? After all, the world is waiting for me!




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