Let’s introduce me!

Hi folks!

Here we are! After all that time, I’ve decided to start my own travel website. But, first of all, let me introduce myself.

Who am I ?

Since you’re about to follow my adventures, I think it’s more than necessary to know a bit more about myself. My name is Sandra, I’m 22 and I’m coming from the centre of France. I just graduated from a master’s degree in tourism and e-tourism and I’ve decided to leave France for a little while.

Since one year now, I’m leaving in Ireland, where I work as travel consultant and a co-manager in the reservation department of a tour operator. I’m keen on travelling, reading and writing. I love discovering the world and its inhabitants, but I’ll let you know more about these passions in another article.

I’ve already travelled around Europe, on my own or not, going from Portugal to Northern Ireland, via Italy or England, just to sum up.


Why did I start this blog ?

As I just explained you, my biggest passions are travelling and writing. Thus, a travel blog is ideal to gather these two passions in just one place! This blog will be used as a travel diary where I‘ll share my best moments. It will be used as a link between you and me, either you’re a traveller or not.

Through this blog, I’d like to let you discover my traveller and expat life and share this passion with you. I could even convince you to leave too, who knows! 😉

You’ll find 3 sub-sections: the first one is aimed at sharing my trips (mainly in Ireland), the second one will be used to share my thoughts about travelling and the last one will help you to know more about me.

What are my projects ?

Well, I don’t have any specific project at the moment. And who can blame me for that at the age of 22? The only thing that I know is that I want to keep discovering the world. Which country will be the next one on my list, I don’t know: Eastern Europe, Latin America or New Zealand…? They’ll all finish on my list anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

My motto ?

« I’ve never been everywhere but it’s on my list », a quote from Susan Sontag which perfectly describes me and which is, by the way, tattooed on my right arm !


I hope you’ll enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy writing it! See you soon guys!



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